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Meet the Newest Members

Congratulations to the newest members of the Century Club!  To read about these amazing dressage riders and horses, click on their name.


Charles Grove and Madge (VA)
Team #164

Nancy Litsch and Classic Tale (OK) - bio coming soon!
Team #163

Marilyn Schroer and Kastaniette (CA) - bio coming soon!
Team #162

John FitzGerald and Jacks Host (HI)
Team #161

Jo Ann Cooke and Tong Shan (OR)
Team #160

Larry Campbell and Estate (CA)
Team #159


Mary Jane Scott and HA Bold Flyer (FL)
Team #158

Peter Rosow and Hammer (CT)
Team #157

Sharon Curran and Slick (CT)
Team #156

Helen Stearns and Just Saber (PA)
Team #155

Willi Hillard and Miss Hattie (CA)
Team #154

Kit Carson and Miss Hattie (CA)
Team #153 

Rowena Blythe and Du A Dance (FL)
Team #152

Vita Pariente and Cupcake (TX)
Team #151

Susan Shattuck and Lotus (LA)

Team #150 

Judith Wagley and Sweet William (IN)
Team #149 

Kate Champa and Starfish (RI)
Team #148 

Bob Clements and Golden Rosebud (VA)
Team #147

Martin Sosnoff and Scirocco (NY)
Team #146

Sally Barber and Honest Knockout (NJ)
Team #145

Mary Goss and Cajun (CT) 
Team #144

Sue Hughes and Zippo's Imprint (MI)
Team #143

Dr. Jorge Gomez and Embrujado G (MI) 
Team #142

William Wise and Jake (MO)
Team #141

Ruth Crennell and St. George (WI)
Team #140

Herman Aguayo and Sa Wasim+ (OR)
Team #139

Donna Brown and Amie Phoenix+ (CO)
Team #138

Sharon Berkshire and Chesterton (NC)
Team #137

Judy Finkel and Coke Nally (OH)
Team #136

Kathy Knappitsch and General Lee (TX)

Team #135

Barbara Fleming and Dancity Wingn Prayer (CA)
Team #134

John Weir and Bel Rambo (VA)
Team #133

Nancy Isaacson and Halftone (MD)
Team #132

June Hooks and Mydan Mydandy+ (NC)
Team #131

Joy Quinn and Chico Gray (OK)
Team #130

Carol Angle and Tigger (VA)
Team #129

Elizabeth Hotchkiss and Oliver Broholmgard (MO)

Team #128

Sy Budofsky and Romeo's Krystal Bay (FL)
Team #127

Joan Sussman and Siglavy Adria (FL)
Team #126


Jean Gore and High Design (MD)
Team #125

Jane Schicke and Isis (CT)
Team #124

Janice Morin and UVM Rhinewood (CA)
Team #123

Rosalie Nitzsche and Bonny Glen Hi Jack (MI)
Team #122

Sally Chionsini and Castus (TX)
Team #121

Anne Kulak and London Gem (NY)
Team #120

Catherine Grove and Madge (VA)
Team #119

Carol Jacob and Shinee Coin (MI)
Team #118

Carol Ahlf and Hoppi (OR)
Team #117

Debby Nicely and Bric's Pebble (WA)
Team #116

Roberta Odell and No Mo (PA)
Team #115

Liz Benney and In A Moment (MA)
Team #114

Cayce Black and Liquid Asset (FL)
Team #113

Jim Snook and Amie Phoenix+ (CO)
Team #112

Beatryce "Cookie" Clark and Ben (CA)
Team #111

Martha Paulson Wallis and Diagramm+ (NV)
Team #110

Ami Howard and Olney Zoe (MD)
Team #109

Marion Julier and Schaeferin (MD)
Team #108

Ann Yellott and Icastico (MD)
Team #107

Joseph V. Cresci, Jr. and Ian (KY)
Team #106

Toni Frary and Something Special (NJ)
Team #105

Harriet Kiehl and Tosca (SC)
Team #104

Leslie Hubbell and Waps Classic (MD)
Team #103

Martha Hall and Ozzie (NC)
Team #102

John G. Stone and Heru+ (TX)
Team #101

Alma Perkins and Charisma (LA)
Team #100

Laurel Ritter and Deje' (CA)
Team #99

Elinor Spellerberg and King Solomon (OH)
Team #98

Marian Baldwin and I Am Rhythm (NV)
Team #97


Marilyn Cantey and Cameo Leia (CA)
Team #96

Joan Shapleigh and One in a Million (ME)
Team #95

Barbara Middleton and Snowy River (AZ)
Team #94

Kay Gale and Clear Creek Slim (AR)
Team #93

Patricia (Patty) Smith and Westerly (CA)
Team #92

Margaret (Peggy) Stout and Ilion (CA)
Team #91

Marilyn Lee Smith and Katydid (VT, FL)
Team #90

Marion Grady and *Edyl (aka Amir) (CA)
Team #89

Norm Brown and Amie Phoenix + (CO)
Team #88

Mary Faith Urquhart and Dominick (FL)
Team #87

Linda Lester and Seyvilla Baskella (FL)
Team #86

Penelope Miller and MB Applause (NY)
Team #85

Robert Mayne and Romeo (OK)
Team #84

Ellen Newman and Diana (WI)
Team #83

Barbara Cleveland and Valentales (CA)
Team #82

Mary Grace Davidson and Rush (CA)
Team #81


Susan Fawcett and Doctor Doabunch (AZ)
Team #80

Barbara Ellis and Probable Cause (VA)
Team #79

Josephine Rodgers and Hershey (TX)
Team #78

Stayner Haller and LGM Challanger (MI)
Team #77

Jorge Gomez and Semik (MI)
Team #76

Jane Rutledge and Gandalf the Grey (CO)
Team #75

Carol Morehouse and Batiste (WA)
Team #74

Barbara Larson and Lynx N Willy (OR)
Team #73

John Claridge and Clockwork (PA)
Team #72

Cynthia Dunoyer and Casanova (CO)
Team #71

Virginia Wegener and RT Loki (CO)
Team #70

Norma Talburt and Lady of Fame (OR)
Team #69

Lillian Floyd and Law & Order (FL)
Team #68

Susan Maire and Continuum (FL)
Team #67

Jeremy Beale and Casual Water (PA)
Team #66

Check back here often to meet more new Club members!

GREAT NEWS!  Two of our Century Club Members, Norma Talburt (Team #69) and Eleanor Metelits (Team #60) were featured in the January-February 2011 issue of America's Horse magazine, a publication for AQHA members.  Read the wonderful article here!  Thank you to AQHA for allowing us to post this article on our website.