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Renee Isler Dressage Support Fund



Established by Renee Isler, this fund was originally created to help applicants to the "USDF Junior/Young Rider Clinic Series," who are in need of financial assistance in order to attend, if qualified and accepted by USDF. Renee's Fund has authorized up to nine annual grants of up to $800 each, one for each Clinic held.

While the Renee Isler Dressage Support Fund continues to meet this need, it has also grown in scope and funding available.  Funding is available for a variety of uses for young riders and professionals. 

If you could use a financial boost to attend a clinic, participate in a once-in-a-lifetime event, or pursue upper level training, and you have a great work ethic, are well-respected, and have a track record of volunteerism, this fund can help! 

Renee knows what it takes to succeed, she wants to help others reach their goals, and continue to “pay it forward.”  If you receive a grant from the Renee Isler Dressage Support Fund, what are your ideas about how to give back and make more funds available for the next applicant?  For ideas, read "Giving Back" by Catherine Chamberlain, an Isler Fund Grant recipient.

Please submit your application, and supporting materials as outlined, to The Dressage Foundation.  The Selection Committee will review all applications as they are received.  Applications are due at least 30 days in advance of the event, clinic, etc.  Individual applicants are eligible to receive up to one grant per year if the funding is $4,000 or greater.  Applicants could receive two grants per year if the funding is less than $2,000 per request.

Click the above image to view entire brochure.


Application Procedure for a Scholarship to Attend the USDF Jr/YR Clinics:

Junior/Young Riders must first go the the USDF website. Follow the application instructions, and apply to USDF, the organizer and administrator of the USDF Jr/YR Clinic Series program. If genuine financial assistance is needed, USDF will direct you to The Dressage Foundation to explore your eligibility for one of the Renee Isler grants. The Dressage Foundation will verify financial need with the Jr/YR applicant family, and render a decision promptly.

"The Dressage Foundation has provided a sizeable annual grant to USDF to help make these Clinics possible," said John Boomer, past President and CEO of The Dressage Foundation. "And, now, Renee Isler steps forward with additional funding to support those Junior/Young Riders who need some financial help in order to participate. We are proud and thankful to Renee for putting her funds in place for such a good cause," Boomer added.

Application Procedure for a General Scholarship from the Isler Fund:

Please see the link to the application, located on the right-hand sidebar of this page.  Applications are due at least 30 days prior to the event, clinic, etc.

Past Recipients of a Renee Isler Dressage Support Fund Grant:

2013 Recipients:       2012 Recipients:        
Ali Potasky       Annie Adamczyk        
Christy Scotch       Taylor Noonan        
Inga Fuengerlings       Dallas Van Stratten        
Catherine Chamberlain       Rosie Julian-Simoes        
Allyssia Bryant                
Caroline McConnell                
Erin O'Neil                
2011 Recipients:       2010 Recipients:       USDF Jr/YR Clinic Scholarships:
Liz Austin       Hilary Moore       Emily O'Neill (2008)
Suzanne Markham       Mary Bahniuk Lauritsen       Courtney Dale (2009, 2011)
Catherine Chamberlain       Shannon Dueck       McKinley Harvey (2010)
Courtney Dale               Paige Miller (2011)
Jasmin Becker               Inga Fuengerlings (2011)
Arianna Barzman-Grennan               Holly Carter (2011)
Dressage4Kids               Katrina Hiller (2012)




Renee Isler Fund General Scholarship Application

Renee Isler Fund Jr/YR Clinic Scholarship Application

See application instructions below.