What is the difference between TDF and USDF?

While both organizations were established by Nebraska native, Lowell Boomer, there are fundamental differences between the two. The United States Dressage Federation was formed in 1973 apart from the American Horse Show Association (now known as USEF) to give the discipline of dressage more attention it needed to flourish in the States. USDF became the governing body for the sport, developing the standards and providing the educational information for judges, instructors and riders. From the first meeting in November of 1973 in Lincoln, NE, USDF continues to educate dressage enthusiasts, promote the sport and recognize achievements. The USDF offices are located in Lexington, Kentucky. Visit www.usdf.org for more information.

The Dressage Foundation, a non-profit tax-exempt corporation, was established in 1989 by Lowell to provide financial support to the sport of dressage. TDF provides funding to USDF, its Group Member Organizations (GMOs), other non-profit organizations and to individuals for dressage-related education. These grants are possible because of tax-deductible contributions made by donors and through earnings on funds and reserves. Unlike USDF, we have no paying members - TDF can only give away what generous donors give to us. Since its beginning, TDF has awarded over $1.5 million in scholarships and grants to improve dressage in the United States.