Century Club Sponsors

TDF's Century Club is sponsored by Platinum Performance. "At Platinum Performance horse health is our mission. Since 1996, we’ve been committed to providing high quality equine nutritional supplements that are developed, tested, and made with care to ensure results."  Visit www.platinumperformance.com/equine for more information.

Thank you to the following individuals and dressage clubs that are helping provide financial support for our Century Club! Their contributions allow us to continue this inspirational program, honoring senior horse and rider teams. 

2016 Century Club Sponsors

  • Alpha Dressage Association
  • Arkansas Dressage Society
  • Mary Bolovan
  • Linda Burton
  • Marilyn Cantey
  • Cayuga Dressage and Combined Training Inc.
  • Susan Conda
  • Barbara Doherty
  • Judy Finkel
  • Foothills Chapter CDS
  • French Creek Equestrian Association
  • Susan Gaebel Wallace
  • Nancy Isaacson
  • Harriet Kiehl
  • Nebraska Dressage Association
  • Jane Nutter
  • Oregon Dressage Society
  • Joy Potthoff
  • Judy Seeherman
  • Michele Seitzinger
  • Nancy Sobba
  • Southeast Virginia Dressage Association
  • Libby Stokes
  • Anne Sushko
  • Elaine Taub
  • Utah Dressage Society
  • Meredith Watters

Thank you to all groups and individuals who help us honor the most inspirational riders in our sport!