The Board of Directors and Staff of The Dressage Foundation wish to thank all of the sponsoring groups that have supported The Dressage Foundation by holding a Benefit Class. Funds generated by Benefit Class sponsorships help further dressage education in The United States.

The Benefit Class sponsored by The Dressage Foundation features striking Black & Gold Benefit Class Ribbons for the winners of first through sixth places in class competitions held by Foundation supporters. We also have available a beautiful wall clock, mounted on a 9X12 walnut base for a 'special award' presentation. The Dressage Foundation suggests a minimum donation of $250 for ribbons only, and a $350 donation for ribbons and a clock.

2013 Benefit Class Winners

Nebraska Dressage Association - Cornhusker Classic 2013 - Training Level Test 3
left-right: Charles Puffet (2nd place), Mary Forck (3rd place), Sherry Fetterman (5th place),
Chloe Brinson (4th place), Jonni Adams-Allen (1st place), TDF's Jenny Johnson
Not pictured: Cindy Olson (6th place)

2012 Benefit Class Winners
2011 Benefit Class Winners

Martin Kuhn on Greystoke
CenterLine Dressage Classic
Winner First Level Test 1, Open
Photo by Inga Kalvaitis

2010 Benefit Class Winners

2009 Benefit Class Winners

Beginning with the first Benefit Class held in 1999, the following groups have supported The Dressage Foundation by holding a Benefit Class: