Thanks to Our Donor Family

Listed here are members of our Donor Family who have helped to build The Dressage Foundation. Their gifts have come in all sizes -- small, medium, large, and extra-large. Their gifts have come in a variety of forms -- cash, stock, real estate, and personal property. Some have given occasionally, or on a one-time basis; many are regular or multi-time Donors. The Dressage Foundation's only sources of revenue are Charitable Contributions and earnings on our Funds and investment reserves. We have no dues-paying members, as do some equestrian organizations. The Dressage Foundation is fully Donor-driven. Please join our Donor Family. Those we help will be so grateful to you!

2017 Donors

Classical Attraction Dressage Society
Karen Kahn

$5,000 - $9,999
Elysium Farm Fund Benefit Auction

Karl and Eileen Baumert

The Axel Johnson Group
Greg and Joan Darnell
Judith Judd
Jane MacElree
Nancy Hutson and Ian Williams
World Cup Saddle Raffle

Maryal Barnett
Barbara Doherty
Lynne and Race Foster
Judy Ethell Glatz
Victoria Kolenda
Jill Asplundh Kosek
Michael Matson
Rocky Mountain Dressage Society
Kenneth Van Cise
Helen Vandervoort
Meredith Watters
Lisa Wilcox
World Cup Valegro Pendant Raffle

Alamo Dressage Association
Ralph Conner
Michelle King
Northern Ohio Dressage Association
Yoel and Meredith Palomino
Gretchen Schmidt
Dianne Schultheis
Anne Sushko
Andrea Whitcomb

Lisa Alexander
Amazon Smile Foundation
Martin Arnold
Barb Awtrey
Tracey Basler
Jennifer Baumert
Courtney Bearns
Karyn Becerra
Diane Bell
Marguerite Belkin
Debbie Bishop
Rowena Blythe
Mary Brady
Cyrille Bullock
Jeanne Burns
Cayuga DCTA
Barbara Cadwell
Marilyn Cantey
Catherine Chamberlain
Margaret Christ
Lyn Christie
Cyndi Craig
Elizabeth Crosby
Lisa Deal
Fran Dearing
Debbie DelGiorno
Paige DiRoberto
Melissa Dowling
Louise Duda
Team Encore
Beth Falwell
Fern Feldman
Eva Lynn Finlon
Jennifer Flowers
Meg Flemming and Gail Lewis
French Creek Dressage Association
Katie Foster
Patti Foulen
Jennifer Foulon
Jane Fucinaro
Susan Gaebel
Doris Gahwyler
Wendy Grouix
Rebecca Hafner
Gilan Hanagan
Dolly Hannon
Valerie Haskell
Stacey Hastings
Viktoria Herson
Patti Hildreth
Elaine Holliman
Theresa Hunt
Jenny Johnson
Kaiser Permanente
Karen Skvarla Fund Tack Fundraiser
Rae-Ellen Kavey
Jerry Kleffman
Kathy Knappitsch
PJ Koehler
Eldon Kordes
Shannon Lisoski
Janet Markham
Kathleen Martin
Sarah Martin
Gail McIntyre
Mary Anne McPhail
Katie Miller
Stephanie Mosely
Peter Norlander
Geoff Olsen
Lynn Palm
Vita Pariente
Beverly Parks
Melissa Peck
Robert Perry
Katherine Pessin
Annette Pressas
Miss Purrcynth
Jim Radtke
Jessica Rattner
Barbara Rellahan
R Jo Renn
Eliza Romm
Rosa Ronatta
Yan Ross and Randi Wagner
Yvonne Ross
Jean Rude
Riitta Saada
Mary Sawyer
Joe Scarpa
Judy Seeherman
Esther Siegel
Lillian Simons
Diane Skvarla
Sharon Skvarla
Rebecca Sponberg
Liz Steacie
Karin Stern
Libby Stokes
John Stromberg
Sheila Strong
Steven Tarshis
Nancy Trait-Lira
V Consulting and Associates
Laureen Van Norman
Myra Wagener
Amanda Wilgenburg
Andrea Woodner