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Team #455 Georgiann North and Symphony in K

Georgiann receiving her Century Club ribbon from TDF Board secretary, Fern Feldman

Team #455 Georgiann North and Symphony in K
Ages: 73 ½ and  26 ½
Combined age:100

Symphony in K (show name, a wordplay on Bizet’s Symphony in C) aka Kitt Kat (barn name) aka Kitt, a Trakehner gelding, and I became partners on May 20, 2002, when he was 8 and I was 55. He was born in Germany and had been in the United States for two years as a jumper on the Florida circuit, but ended up in a sale barn because he would buck his owner off after jumps.  

I liked Kitt Kat because it seemed easy to walk, trot, and canter him. I also had proof that he was a full Trakehner because of his brand on his right hip. He was only 15.3 hands which was perfect for me because I am 5 feet 3 inches.  As it turned out, he is not only highly intelligent but also an extraordinarily polite and considerate friend.  For instance, the few times when I have fallen off, he remained still, whereas most horses I have known will run off.

I started riding when I was 25 years old, an elementary school teacher in Michigan.  Kitt and I have made it to Third Level Test 1; he seems to enjoy flying changes and does them beautifully.  I wish to thank many horses and many people for their help along the way.

Georgiann and Kitt Kat completed First Level Test 1 to complete their Century Club ride on September 25, 2020.

Georgiann and Kitt Kat with Maia Gromadowski, Mary Bahniuk Lauritsen, and Victoria Lunt

Georgiann and Kitt Kat with Maia Gromadowski and Mary Bahniuk Lauritsen