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Team #504 Susan Klingelhafer and Peregrino

Team #504: Susan Klingelhafer and Peregrino
Ages: 74 & 27
Combined Age: 101

Peregrino is my retired show horse turned trail companion. We never achieved the glory I imagined was in our future, but I have always loved and reveled in his beauty and spirit. I heard about the Century Club, added up our years, and started babbling to friends and family about doing this Century Club ride.

On July 25, at Amy Rothe-Hietter’s Southwind Stables in Pataskala, OH, we did It! It was wonderful! Our day was filled with joy and good wishes from friends, family, and many fellow equestrians. As I prepared for our ride, I pulled out Peregrino’s old dressage bridle. After each practice, I would clean and condition it. As our rides progressed the stiff leather softened, and so did we.

The day before our ride I went through the usual preshow rituals. I polished the brass buckles and nameplate. As I did this, I experienced such a flood of feelings. How many times have I hurried through these chores; bathing, packing, polishing? But this day I experienced these acts as sacred rituals. I felt overwhelmed with gratitude for our journey. The Century Club ride stands out as an enormous life event. The day was made even more wonderful because my 17-year-old granddaughter was showing, same day, same show, same test. My husband, Fred, has become a locally renowned test caller and has supported Peregrino and me every step of the way.

My journey has taken me from a horse-crazy, Southern Californian city kid, to this wonderful day in Ohio, surrounded by friends, family, and my beloved Peregrino. Peregrino is a PRE, and his name means, “spiritual traveler.” He is perfectly named. The Century Club ride has shown me that dreams can come true for a horse-crazy kid.

Gracias to The Dressage Foundation, you’ve been wonderfully encouraging. Thank you to the members of The Ohio Dressage Society and the Mid-Ohio Dressage Association. You are heroes of the sport of dressage. My heart is filled with love and gratitude for all the beautiful horses that have carried me on my journey.

Susan and Peregrino completed First Level, Test 2, on July 25, 2021, to join the Century Club.