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2021 Lynn Palm Western Dressage Fund Grant Recipient: Candace Hill

Cowboy and I were awarded a Lynn Palm Western Dressage grant through The Dressage Foundation in 2021. Grant funds were redeemed with Margaret Kitts of ISE Equine Endeavors of Murphy, Texas, for lessons and training rides. Maggie brings a unique and extensive knowledge of horses and dressage to her program, its students, and their horses. 

Maggie spent time helping me understand connection, harmony, collection, and relationship with Cowboy. Overall, the work improved my scores and helped us add in the lope. We loped & lived (a coined inside joke of ours)!

The journey ahead as Cowboy and I continue to understand and execute the elements of Western Dressage is long. Dressage is a learning journey of a lifetime, one many of us pride ourselves in walking. Cowboy was once a horse sent to auction to face an unknown fate where he was bid on only by kill buyers on the day we crossed paths. Western dressage has given him a new home to have peaceful yet challenging work with his most favorite humans. 

I am forever grateful for the award of this grant and for the donors of The Dressage Foundation. The future of Western dressage is very bright!  I'll see you in the ring! 

Candy Hill