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TDF Corporate Sustaining Partner Program

An Opportunity for Your Company

Since The Dressage Foundation is a national organization that works with dressage enthusiasts across the country, we can provide you with the opportunity for coast-to-coast recognition.  Our Corporate Sustaining Partner program gives your company the opportunity to partner with us in a unique and affordable way.

As a Corporate Sustaining Partner with a gift of at least $50/month, your company will be highlighted on TDF’s website, in a press release, on our Facebook page, in e-newsletters, and listed in our annual print newsletter and annual report.

Your monthly donation will be used to support dressage-related education for youth, adult amateurs, instructors, judges, breeders, high performance teams, and more.  The Dressage Foundation’s grants and programs reach all ages and all levels.  A stronger dressage community means a more vibrant, growing customer base for you! 

We've made it easy to join through the form below.  Please contact TDF Executive Director, Jenny Johnson, if you have any questions.  She can be reached at or at (402) 434-8585.  Thank you!

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