Thank you to the following individuals and dressage clubs that are helping provide financial support for our Century Club! Their contributions allow us to continue this inspirational program, honoring senior horse and rider teams. 

2018 Century Club Sponsors

  • Platinum Performance
  • Alpha Dressage Association
  • Peggy Sue Blair
  • Mary Brady
  • Marilyn Cantey
  • Sharon Curran
  • Barbara Doherty
  • Jeanne Doll-Peyron
  • Fern Feldman
  • Susan Gaebel Wallace
  • Sandi Grossi
  • Kansas Dressage and Eventing Association
  • Kentucky Dressage Association
  • Harriet Kiehl
  • Laura King
  • Nebraska Dressage Association
  • New England Dressage Association
  • Benjamin Redditt
  • Marilyn Schroer
  • Jann Smith
  • Libby Stokes
  • Anne Sushko
  • Marek Zaluski

Thank you to all groups and individuals who help us honor the most inspirational riders in our sport!