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The Dressage Foundation’s 5-Year Strategic Vision at a Glance
2024 - 2028

Our Mission
To cultivate and provide financial support for the advancement of dressage in the U.S.

Our Vision
That the generosity of many will allow the financial barriers of our sport to be removed, so that every aspect of U. S. dressage will grow and succeed locally, nationally and internationally, through the help and guidance of individuals and organizations who are passionately promoting classical dressage principles.


In 2024, our Board of Directors developed a strategic vision for the next five years.  In preparation, they spent a great deal of time reviewing and considering the responses from the nationwide survey conducted at the end of 2023. Watch a video about the survey and its responses.

Through that feedback, the following key ideas emerged for how our organization can continue to support the growth and improvement of U.S. dressage.

Goal #1: Increase the accessibility of our sport through grassroots efforts

There is concern among our constituents about the viability of our sport if current riders do not stay involved, and if the sport doesn’t bring in new enthusiasts and fans. The costs to breed, own, train and compete dressage horses continue to increase, preventing many from reaching their true potential. It is critical to continue providing support that focuses on the engagement of grassroots amateurs, youth, and professionals. TDF will work to strengthen current grant offerings and grow support in these areas.

Goal #2: Strengthen our ability to give

As an independent organization separate from the governing bodies of the sport, we are in a unique position to work with donors who want to grow and improve any aspect of U.S. dressage – riding at all levels and for all ages, instructing, training, judging, breeding and more. We will work to strengthen our financial position so that we may expand our reach and program offerings, making dressage possible for a wider audience.

Goal #3: Increase awareness of TDF and its grants and programs

We want to make TDF a household name and enhance our visibility within the dressage community. By investing time and resources in marketing strategies and outreach, we can reach a wider audience and make a greater impact.

Goal #4: Expand and strengthen operations

As we grow, we're committed to strengthening our operations by investing in technology and enhancing communication channels to better serve our dressage community. With a growing team and strategic initiatives in place, we're ready to take TDF to new heights.

Would you like to support your dressage community by joining our efforts as a donor or volunteer?  Contact Jenny Johnson, TDF’s Executive Director, at (402) 434-8585 or for more information.