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TDF's Legacy Society

The Dressage Foundation's Legacy Society honors and thanks supporters who include TDF in their will or estate plan, or who establish a gift with TDF that provides income for life (Gift Annuities, Charitable Remainder Trusts).  Through their generosity, our Legacy Society members are ensuring that the sport they love will continue to grow and thrive for years to come.

Our Legacy Society members’ commitment to helping future generations of dressage enthusiasts is worthy of special recognition and our gratitude. 

Join the Legacy Society

Is The Dressage Foundation named in your Will?  Please let us know, even if you wish to remain publicly anonymous, so we can thank you personally and speak with you about how your gift will make a lasting impact on the sport you love. 

If you have not yet included TDF in your plans, we invite you to join TDF’s Legacy Society through:

  • Gifts from your Will or Trust
  • Beneficiary Gifts
  • Gifts that pay you or someone you choose 

Learn more about these gifts here.

Please contact Jenny Johnson, TDF’s Executive Director, at (402) 434-8585 or, for more information or to discuss your plans. 

Legacy Society Members

Founding Members -- The Boomer Family
Lowell and Gladys Boomer *
Jim and Lois Boomer * 
John and Lynn Boomer *

Carol Alonso Violet Hopkins *
Lois Arnold * Nancy Hutson and Ian Williams
Cynthia Aspden * Jenny and Jason Johnson
Dr. Anne Barlow Ramsay * Shirley Jones *
Maryal Barnett Michelle and Alfred King
Karen Blake Lazelle Knocke *
Bess Bruton Linda and Edward Lambert
Barbara Cadwell Carol and Tom Lavell *
Gordon and May Cadwgan * Michael Matson
Cyndi Craig Sophie Pirie
Ralph and Freddie Dreitzler Linda Rands
Joan Ehnle Mike and Kathy Rowse
Judith C. Fiorentino* and BG (USA Ret) Bill Fiorentino Gretchen Scott-Moore and Jeff Moore
Dr. Max and Doris Gahwyler * Charli Stevens and W. Craig Geil
Lendon Gray Anne Sushko
Rebecca Hafner-Fogarty Martha Wolfson *
Cathy and Max Hall Ronald Woodcock *
Janet (Dolly) Hannon

* Honored Posthumously