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Team #552 Barbara Johnson and Hearrtbreaker

Team #552: Barbara Johnson and Hearrtbreaker
From: Monterey, California
Ages: 73 & 27
Combined Age: 100
Test: Third Level Test 2
Date: May 1, 2022

“Today, we can do this - I am so thankful!” That is what I often say to myself as I am riding Hearrtbreaker on Carmel Valley trails, or when we are working cows, or schooling dressage. I first met Breaker in 2003; it was a rocky beginning, but she has a generous and forgiving spirit! At that time, I set three goals: a) maintain and improve my relationship with Breaker, b) continue to learn (I guess it is nearly impossible to be a horseperson and fail to learn something new from your equine partner almost daily), and c) have fun! 

Breaker is a good sport, she is a willing partner in dressage, cow work, and trail rides. We do not perform “spectacularly” or even “remarkably well" in any of these disciplines, but when we work together, we strengthen our partnership, learn new things, and have fun. 

My Century Club ride is an exercise in gratitude. Special thanks to Paula Langan who organized the schooling show for our Century Club ride, judge Joan Williams, scoring assistant Gera Slijkoord, members of the Carmel Valley Chapter of the California Dressage Society who volunteered at the show and gifted us with flowers; Susan Baxter, who was my reader and support, Jane Gardner, my Wyoming sister who provided support and who assisted with everything, my friend Teri Andreas, who helped set up the event and bar-b-que luncheon, to my friends and fellow equestrians who attended our Century Club ride, and Tully and Jacquie Weidman who bred Hearrtbreaker, entrusted her to my care and were there to celebrate our ride.

And especially to my team partner, Hearrtbreaker, who is such a good sport and such a good friend!