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Team #542 Barbara Stark and Dipped in Chocolate

Team #542: Barbara Stark and Dipped in Chocolate
From: Palm Beach, Florida
Ages: 77 & 23
Combined Age: 100
Test: Introductory Level Test A
Date: January 16, 2022

When I was a child, my parents took me riding (on a leadline) in Columbian Park. I was terrified, but to paraphrase Eleanor Roosevelt, we should do something that scares us every day. My usual scare is riding my adorable German Riding Pony. I acquired "Dipped in Chocolate," barn name "Devin," five years ago to help me transition to dressage from the hunter discipline, which I rode when I took up riding at the age of 40.

Devin is steady and unflappable, having spent his first seven years in Germany as a jumper. After moving to upstate New York and learning what "having a seat" means, he is training at Fourth Level. I am still learning, but thankfully Devin knows what to do.