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Team #558 Gloria Beduhn and Levi

Team #558: Gloria Beduhn and Levi
From: Sadler, Texas
Ages: 77 & 23
Combined Age: 100
Test: Training Level Test 1
Date: May 15, 2022

My second Century Club ride was supposed to have been with my wonderful old palomino gelding, Acey Deucy. But when he developed soundness problems, I figured one black-and-gold ribbon would have to do. Then my friend, Judy McElroy, gifted me with her sweet old Holsteiner, Letorno, who just happened to be the same age as Acey.

I nicknamed the big black gelding Levi and decided to see if he could manage one more trip to the show arena. He got into shape quicker than I did, and we attended the Fairview Schooling Show in May in Aubrey, TX. Knowing our limited capabilities, I chose to ride Training Level Test 1. We did just fine under my long-time friend and ‘r’ judge, Julie Madriguera.

Many thanks to everyone who made this ride possible. Especially thanks to Judy for giving me Levi, who in his youth had let it be known that he disliked eventing. The switch to dressage worked well, and he proved to be a gentleman in the ring. Even after years of retirement, Levi was the calmest horse on the show grounds (including those in their stalls).

And of course, thanks to The Dressage Foundation for offering this award. It gave me something to work toward and kept me riding. I’m thinking there may be a third Century Club ride in my future, with my now 18-year-old mustang, Handyman. Here’s hoping we both stay sound!