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Team #601 Judith Spaulding and Applebee

Team #601: Judith Spaulding and Applebee
From: Eugene, Oregon
Ages: 75 & 28
Combined Age: 103
Test: Training Level Test 3
Date: October 29, 2022

Although I had always had a love and fascination for horses, my riding adventures didn’t begin until my 58th year when I went to a friend’s barn one evening. I mounted a large, one-eyed, Warmblood named Calvin and found myself posting at the trot in a very dark arena. I was sold!

A few months later, I purchased a horse with a friend. He quickly became all mine when he bucked her off. We spent glorious times camping and riding in the Oregon mountains. I had decided that dressage would be my focus, however, Sampson had an agenda that did not include dressage. I purchased a Second Level dressage horse that was plagued with injuries, which required intense rehab and minimal riding. I kept both horses into retirement where they were well-loved and horribly spoiled and happy.

My true dressage experience began three years ago when Janet Mitchell came to our barn with a lovely, retired eventing horse. I began riding Applebee (aka Jamie) and fell in love with the horse and dressage.

Jamie is a tall, handsome Hanoverian Thoroughbred cross with a heart of gold. He’s eager to go, confident, and patient. Janet completed her Century Club ride on Jamie in April and urged me to do the same. It was a big step for me as it was my first show and Century Club ride. It was a dream come true when I completed it on October 29, 2022.

I thank Janet Mitchell, Leslie Chapman, my current trainer Emily Park, and Silver Tail Farm for the support and celebration, my family, and all of my supportive barn pals.

Thanks to The Dressage Foundation for providing this wonderful opportunity for the mature rider and horse.

What a ride!