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Team #602 Kathleen Posthumus and The Hot Shot

Team #602: Kathleen Posthumus and The Hot Shot
From: Eden Prairie, Minnesota
Ages: 71 & 30
Combined Age: 101
Test: Introductory Level Test B
Date: November 5, 2022

The first time I met Hot Shot he was being ridden by his owner at the time, Janet Hendrickson.  He was a big and beautiful Paint and had sky-blue eyes.  This was at Cross Creek Stables in Cologne, MN, where Janet was a barn manager. I signed up for some lessons that day, although not on Hot Shot.  I used an available school horse, but I couldn’t keep that big Paint out of my mind.  When the school horse left the barn, Janet asked if I would like to lease Hot Shot.  Without a second thought, I said, “Yes, please!”

After leasing him for two years, in September of 2005, Janet gifted me Hot Shot.  In her words, she said, “we belong together.” It was the start of a friendship like no other.  Heather Salden-Kurtz was the in-barn trainer at that time, and she used Hot Shot as a school horse on a regular basis.  Hottie is a patient, polite and generous teacher.  He played a role in teaching many students to ride.  

Hottie and I worked hard and did some shows.  As a child, I dreamed of getting a blue ribbon at a real live horse show.  Hottie made that dream come true.  We also share long trail rides, swimming sessions, and cozy cuddles.  He is my best friend who I trust, confide in, and the keeper of my deepest secrets.  Never have I known of such a friendship and bond that he and I share.

A year ago, I was quite ill and didn’t know if I would be able to accomplish this Century Club ride.  I had thought about it for so long, but it seemed out of my reach.  I am so grateful we were able to accomplish this ride together.  I am so very blessed for each day he is in my life…he will always be in my heart.