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Team #547 Mary Modaff and Caspian

Team #547: Mary Modaff and Caspian
From: Tuscon, Arizona
Ages: 71 & 29
Combined Age: 100
Test: Introductory Level Test B
Date: February 11, 2022

Straight from the horse’s mouth…

Hello, I’m Caspian. You can see from my pictures that I’m quite a handsome, 17.1-hand Holsteiner at the tender young age of 29, which, by the way, is nearly 90 in human years! Being the eldest member of this Century Club team, I will tell you how we got here.

First, I never would have guessed that after an illustrious career of eventing and dressage (and standing stud) I’d be lugging an old woman around a dressage arena just so she can cross this “Century Club” thing off her bucket list. However, it appears to make her happy like carrots do me.

But Mary isn’t my human. My human is Cathy Schreiber who is a trainer and the best mom ever. She gives me great nutrition and Bemer and Masterson treatments – could be why I look so young!

My rider, Mary, lets me take her on trail rides (I love to trespass up the neighbors’ driveways) and eat mesquite beans because I’m pretty done with “working.” Even though Mary is a senior, she too had a dreamy horse life before she met me.

Mary started kinda old, at 40 (that would only be 14 in horse years), even tho she was a horse-crazy kid from the age of one. But she made the biggest mistake in the horse world by buying a scrawny 14.2 Arabian who was as green as she was. Whoa! But Mary and Amigo surprised everyone with many blue ribbons, sometimes besting us superior Warmbloods (wink). They showed at Third Level Dressage despite the odds. Scottsdale Arabian, Arabian Nationals and winning the Dover Medal prove they were contenders – so much for the “neigh sayers!”

I lived on Mary’s ranchette for a spell along with her rescued mustang, NeMo, and Cathy’s retired horse, Otto. There were other horses whose spirits still graced the place, so it was quite a special home for us all.

Now here we are in our golden years. I live for my treats (and those delicious mesquite beans) and love my gelding-cave. Mary keeps me fit and I put a smile on her face.

By the way, the yellow ribbon was delicious….