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Team #585 Sarah Asby and Alusion of Fire

Team #585: Sarah Asby and Alusion of Fire
From: Lake Oswego, Oregon
Ages: 80 & 21
Combined Age: 101
Test: Training Level Test 3
Date: September 2, 2022

On a sunny Oregon day in September, I rode my Arabian horse Alusion of Fire, AKA Rocky, down center line at the start of my second Century Club ride in five years. This ride was special in two ways. First, my horse Rocky is one who has been with me since he was born. Second, in the five years since my first Century Club ride, I had open heart surgery to correct a defective heart valve.

Rocky was born 21 years ago at about 1 AM on the morning of Mother’s Day. I was able to see him being born since I was sleeping in the barn so as not to miss the event that I had been waiting 11 months for. The mare acknowledged him by licking him and nudging him to get up. He tried and tried but kept falling back. Upon talking to the vet she said to give him a couple of hours to get up and if he did not, call her back. Still, he did not stand so the vet arrived, we sedated the mare, so we could get the first milk from her into the baby for nourishment and that all-important colostrum. Rocky still lacked the strength to stand up. I bought a supply of powered foal lac powder and spent the first night bottle-feeding him so that he would gain strength to eventually stand and nurse from the mare. The strategy worked and by day two he was standing and nursing from mom and was able to go outside and run around in the arena. The name Rocky was penned because of his Rocky start!

Soon after my first Century Club ride with my long-time partner Benny, I was getting my annual physical when my doctor noticed a strong heart murmur. With further tests, it was determined that I needed to have my ventricle valve repaired. The repair worked and today I have regained my strength and stamina to be able to partner with Rocky and enjoy the ride. 

I want to thank Bill Burke, my trainer, who is also a Century Club member, for his encouragement and knowledge to make this Century Club ride a reality. Next year we hope to take Rocky from Training Level to First Level classes at local dressage shows.