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Team #666 Ann Harris and Hugo 22

Team #666: Ann Harris and Hugo 22
From: Miamisburg, Ohio
Ages: 76 & 27
Combined Age: 103
Test: Training Level Test 1
Date: July 8, 2023

Ann began riding Saddle Seat as a young girl at Normandy Riding Club in Miamisburg, Ohio. She took time off to raise a family and then started riding again as an adult at Trail End Equestrian under the tutelage of Sue Black. She has owned her Century Club partner, Hugo 22, a Westphalian, for 17 years, and has shown him through Second Level. Hugo has quite a large personality and is known for his turnout antics, his loss of enthusiasm at the end of lessons, and his love for Ann.

From Roma Mount, Ann’s Friend:
I was very proud to be a part of Ann’s induction into TDF’s Century Club! What makes Ann so very special is that she is mostly blind (retaining about 15% of her vision for only a portion of time - imagine riding with barely open eyes for only a portion of her ride) and dealing with the effects of atypical Parkinson’s disease. She is a trooper and a tough cookie and through the craziness and trials and tribulations, she earned her way in today. I am so very proud! A huge thank you to our trainer Kim Patterson who is amazing and to the barn owner, Carolyn Palmer, who is just as amazing!