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Team #624 Deborah Towle and Justin

Team #624: Deborah Towle and Justin
From: Los Alamitos, California
Ages: 70 & 30
Combined Age: 100
Test: Training Level Test 1
Date: April 16, 2023

I grew up in Maine, and always had a love of horses. My Dad used to tell me that when I was five years old, I spotted a very old sway-backed horse in a field and said, “He is so beautiful.” I did some childhood pony riding, and in college, my physical education requirements were fulfilled by taking equitation lessons. I moved to California in the early 80s, and shortly thereafter, I started taking jumping lessons in the Long Beach area. I trained on school horses and then leased for decades. 

I eventually transitioned from jumping to dressage, and about eight years ago, I arranged to lease Justin from his owner, Tiffany Jarvis. Justin had been a jumper in his earlier years, but eventually took to dressage. As we’ve grown older together, we’ve taught each other a lot. I am so lucky to have Justin in my life, and we both love our daily routines whether it’s going down the trail, working on dressage, or just walking and grazing all the good spots. 

I have to thank my good friend and equestrian, Ann King, who started talking to me about the Century Club. Both she and my husband were a constant source of encouragement as we approached the magical 100-year mark. I also want to thank all my Lakewood Equestrian Center barn buddies for their friendship and support.  

I am so appreciative of the opportunity to ride in the Century Club, and look forward to riding Justin for as long as he still has fun and comes out of his stall excited and asking, “What cool things are we going to do today?”