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Team #664 Eva Lund and Cragganmore

Team #664: Eva Lund and Cragganmore
From: Sunland, California
Ages: 71 & 29
Combined Age: 100
Test: Introductory Level Test C
Date: July 4, 2023

Eva Lund, born in Stockholm, Sweden, became horse and animal crazy at an early age. In fact, she was determined to “marry” a horse when she grew up. Lars Holmberg rode at the same riding school where all the girls were drooling over Lars. He was a fantastic rider already. 

Eva moved to Los Angeles in 1979. 12 years later, she worked in the office of Arnold Schwarzenegger and Lars trained Arnold’s horses. Lars is now a high-level dressage trainer at Middle Ranch in Lake View Terrace with his partner Ulf Wadeborn. 

Cragganmore SWB (by Chapman SWB, out of Daga by Bacardi SWB) aka “Algot” was born on June 24, 1994, in Kristianstad, Sweden, bred by Carina Forsen. He was sold to Lars at age 10 and was imported to the U.S. He was a fancy dressage horse in Lars and Ulf’s barn, but he did not like the high-end dressage discipline, so at age 16 years old Lars donated Algot to Eva. Lars, having known Eva since childhood, knew Algot was in good hands. 

Eva enjoyed riding this fancy horse and participated in some lower-level dressage shows in the Los Angeles area. Algot and Eva did clinics at Middle Ranch with Lars and other coaches, they participated in some informal dressage tests under the experienced eye of judge Ulf Wadeborn. 

It was on trails that Eva and Algot enjoyed themselves the most. Eva and Algot have established a great relationship and she felt totally safe riding Algot. When a friend suggested that Eva come along on a hunt with the West Hill Hunt Club, she was game. Against the advice from coach Lars, Eva decided to go. Eva looked forward to allowing Algot to experience running in wild open spaces…and Algot did. After a major disagreement between Eva and Algot, Eva ended up needing a hip replacement.

Not being able to ride for a while, Eva felt this very talented and diverse horse needed a new “job.” So in between his “work” as a therapy horse with special needs riders, Algot became part of the USC Equestrian Team where he enjoyed being a hunter horse and was always in the blue ribbons. His fancy dressage moves were perfect for the Hunter/Jumper circuit. In 2015, Algot participated in the Special Olympics held in Los Angeles at the LA Equestrian Center, where he helped riders from Guatemala and Gibraltar bring ribbons back to their teams. In 2017, Algot became the trot horse for the Los Angeles Equestrian Vaulting Team, under the leadership of Blake Dahlgren, a job he thoroughly enjoyed. He loved the little kids vaulting on him. 

Eva and Algot continued to enjoy little trail rides in their neighborhood. Algot became part of Special Spirit’s Equine Assisted Therapy program helping clients struggling with addiction and other mental issues. He took care of all the riders in the adaptive/therapeutic riding programs. Algot knows how to take care of all of these special riders. 

It is a totally different story with his mom, Eva.  Algot, even at age 29, almost got her off in their last dressage test for the Century Club ride. Three steps from halt and salute he did his trick, but she stayed on. They are now both semi-retired, Algot is Eva’s heart horse.