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Team #628 Fran Ferro and Gunner

Team #628: Fran Ferro and Gunner
From: Beavercreek, Oregon
Ages: 68 & 33
Combined Age: 101
Test: Introductory Level Test A
Date: April 16, 2023

I bought Gunner 22 years ago as a mount for my husband.  He was sold as a Missouri Fox Trotter that had been used in the movies. When that was over, he was shipped to Oregon to be sold and our journey began.  My husband spent many years trail riding Gunner on beaches, and mountains, all over the Willamette Valley of Oregon.  Upon a dental visit to the vet, it was discovered that Gunner had a lip tattoo, which meant he was NOT a Fox Trotter and was instead a Standardbred, born in 1990, named Crisis Management.  He had been trained as a Pacer and ran a few times at the track.

Gunner retired after a Cushing diagnosis and several bouts of laminitis to light riding duties such as teaching the grandkids how to ride.  Then while I was recovering from hip replacement surgery, I began thinking about the Century Club ride I had seen a rider do several years ago.  After some quick math, I realized that Gunner and I were eligible.

My daughter helps put on dressage schooling shows and she offered to have one of her shows host my Century Club ride.  With that Gunner came out of retirement and got in shape to head down centerline one last time.

Gunner endured having the shaggy hair, mud, and his old man beard clipped off to turn into a dressage star.  At the show, he snorted and pranced letting me know that at 33 years old he still had the star factor.  Our ride brought tears to the judge’s eyes and inspiration to all the spectators there enjoying a day of showing.  And now I have five more years and can hopefully ride again with my Thoroughbred mare too!