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Team #697 Gerald Linton and KC Peppys Morris

Team #697: Gerald Linton and KC Peppys Morris
From: Harrisville, Michigan
Ages: 73 & 27
Combined Age: 100
Test: WDAA Introductory Level Test 2
Date: September 16, 2023

Although I was always fascinated by horses when I was young, I did not purchase my first horse until I was in my 40s. Over the years I have been fortunate to own four horses that each taught me to be a better rider and horseman. My main interest was always riding for pleasure and going on trail rides. About nine years ago my wife and I became interested in Western Dressage, and we have hosted several small Western Dressage Association of America-recognized schooling shows at our farm in Northeast Michigan. It has been a privilege to work with some amazing instructors like Sue Hughes, Suzanne Morisse, and Beth Schaub who have brought their expertise to help me understand the basics and finer points of riding a dressage test.

After losing his pasture mate, Morris joined our family in 2010 and quickly became our go-to horse for anyone who wanted a safe, quiet ride. He has provided many hours of enjoyment for people from preschool age all the way up to senior citizens. Bred by his original owners to be a halter horse he quickly demonstrated that he did not enjoy the show ring and would be better suited to the life of an all-round riding horse. Although his favorite gait is whoa, he is willing to move out at a trot or lope in the arena and on the trails. Now, at age 27 he is content to be ridden lightly and is an enthusiastic partner in low-level Western Dressage tests.

After two hip replacements, I find that riding my horses is the best therapy for me, both physically and mentally. I learned about the Century Club this year and successfully completed my ride with Morris on September 16th with a score of 70.55%.  It was an honor to share this milestone with Morris surrounded by family and friends.

Thank you to The Dressage Foundation for offering this opportunity and encouragement to older riders and their partners.