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Team #637 Janice Mize and Cheyenne

Janet Mize and Cheyenne with judge Elizabeth Gagliardi.

Team #637: Janice Mize and Cheyenne
From: Valparaiso, Indiana
Ages: 70 & 32
Combined Age: 102
Test: Introductory Level Test A
Date: May 15, 2023

Once upon a time, there was a little girl who loved horses.  That little girl was me.  I grew up watching Fury, My Friend Flicka, Snowfire, Roy Rogers and Trigger, Gene Autry and Champion, National Velvet and King, Mister Ed, Tonka Wakon, and many others.  I always wanted a horse, never a pony, but a big, beautiful, majestic horse.  From the age of five, that is what I wanted most in life. 

We were poor and lived in the city, so the reality was, there was no hope.  However, my dream of someday having a horse never changed.  

I was able to go on a few trail rides.  I worked at a riding stable where I became a trail guide.  Still, I did not have my own horse, which was my heart’s desire.  

I had children and once they were older, I went to college and obtained a degree in Radiologic Technology.  I went to work at a hospital and started to save money.  I went to a local barn, to inquire as to the cost of owning a horse.  I decided I was finally in a position where I could afford this and started shopping for a horse.

I finally purchased my dream horse, Cheyenne, on September 3, 2002.  I was 49 years old when I finally realized my dream of owning a horse.  He was 11 years old.  A big 16.1 hand, chestnut gelding, with a white blaze, one white sock, and a heart-shaped chestnut on his hind leg.  I was absolutely head over heels in love with him!

I was very green, and he knew it.  I had to work very hard to develop a partnership with him.  I was determined and over time we achieved a very strong bond.  He has been an amazing horse!!  We showed hunt seat, saddle seat, and finally dressage.  That is when I truly learned the art of riding.  

We have had many experiences through the years.  I have owned him for 22 wonderful years.  He was also a trail horse extraordinaire.  He would go over bridges, and through water, and always trusted me to keep him safe, as I trusted him!

I boarded him for the first three years, and then purchased a ten-acre property, and built him his forever home.  He is now retired, well deserved!

I wanted to get him this accolade of the Century Club ride now that he is 32 and I am 70! Thank you so much for allowing him and me the honor of becoming a member of The Dressage Foundation's Century Club.

Thank you, God, for the privilege and honor of having this magnificent horse in my life.  Thank you to all the people who have assisted me on this journey, you know who you are!  It has been amazing!