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Team #699 Jeanne Woodward-Poor and Miacomet

Team #699: Jeanne Woodward-Poor and Miacomet
From: Plainfield, New Hampshire
Ages: 73 & 28
Combined Age: 101
Test: Training Level Test 2
Date: September 10, 2023

Many of the wonderful biographies in the Century Club News are stories of long relationships between people and horses. It is heartwarming and touches anyone who has owned or loved a horse. This story is no different.

Comet (Miacomet, sire: Moreno, Hanoverian X dam: Speedy Tour, Thoroughbred) was born in my barn in 1995. Her mother, Speedy, was a lovely mare but started to have health problems. My vet and I thought breeding was a good option. I had never bred before, but I plunged right in. I was able to raise, train, and show Comet until she was 17. She was retired to a loving family farm with four people to spoil her.

I am lucky to live in an area where there are wonderful trainers, and we took advantage of many of them. They know who they are, and I silently thank them whenever I think of the lessons they provided. We focused on dressage but did some cross-training, both trail riding and with very small jumps. My goal was always to get my USDF bronze medal, which we did in 2012. Just for fun we developed a freestyle and performed that at many shows. 

Comet was always a willing partner, and our Century Club ride was no exception. After years of trail riding and having fun with her retired family, I started schooling her again to prepare for our ride. I could tell she was completely into it. The day of our ride, she backed off the trailer, took one look around, and I could see her say, “Oh, yeah, I got this!” And she did. What a good mare!

No journey like this is ever accomplished alone. In a 28-year relationship, there are so many people to thank: my family, who always supported me in my riding, my horse buddies, the many trainers, and barn owners over the years, and, of course, Comet’s new retirement family whose dutiful care of her for the last nine years made this day possible.

Photo by Live n Lope Photography