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Team #615 Julie Inghram and Adahs Alexander

Team #615: Julie Inghram and Adahs Alexander
From: Liberty, Illinois
Ages: 70 & 30
Combined Age: 100
Test: Training Level Test 2
Date: February 11, 2023

A passion that moves the soul will live eternally! I was two years old when my father acquired an old perlino mare called “Nancy.” The mare came to Quincy, Illinois, on a cattle train with the cattle and nobody knew why. My father bought the mare for $25 and the saddle for $75 along with some cattle and transported them down to the farm in the south bottoms. Nancy had a huge brand on her hip, was “long in the tooth” and most likely some cowboy’s horse that was hoping to see her live out a good life. This mare and my father would become my first riding instructors that ignited a lifelong journey with horses.

I trained my first horse at age 12 and barrel raced all through high school. During this time, my sister had attended college in Boulder, Colorado, where I met an Arabian horse trainer who would become my mentor. I continued to train Arabians while in college and launched my own training career after graduating from Colorado State University. Most of my training has involved Arabians and Morgans in the disciplines of Western, English, and hunt seat pleasure classes. Later in my career I began dressage with a Morgan, a Shagya Arabian and Adahs Alexander (my lifelong partner)!

Adahs Alexander (Alex), a purebred Arabian horse was born March 4, 1993. I owned his sire and dam. I bred, raised, and trained Alex. His mother, sister and brother are all buried on my farm. Alex is a special horse! He has taught me way more than my teaching him. Our accomplishments and accolades are noteworthy, but the ride has been the best. Here’s to acknowledging a best friend and partner, Adahs Alexander!