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Team #687 Mary Beth Hilburn and Mango

Team #687: Mary Beth Hilburn and Mango
From: Captain Cook, Hawaii
Ages: 86 & 20
Combined Age: 106
Test: Training Level Test 1
Date: August 27, 2023

Hawaii has suffered unimaginable tragedy in the past month. People and animals lost their lives in the awful fires. I dedicate my Century Club ride to Maui.

I feel fortunate to have been able to borrow an adorable Quarter Horse from Jennifer Dodson, M.D. Our combined ages are 106, Mango's and mine, not Jennifer's and mine.

My support crew consisted of a cast of 1000s. Thanks, Toni, Chad, Jennifer, Scott, and the village that got me in the ring.

I have ridden since I was 10, and came to dressage late, at about 40. I loved it at once and have ridden pirouettes and all the fun upper-level movements due to the help of my trainer Greta Freisen. She is amazing. I intend to continue riding with my great-granddaughter after a move to California.  

This was a wonderful opportunity. Thank you for making it all possible.