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Team #716 Susan Conners and WP Amir Rasheek

Team #716: Susan Conners and WP Amir Rasheek
From: Medaryville, Indiana
Ages: 72.25 & 27.75
Combined Age: 100
Test: WDAA Introductory Level Test 2
Date: October 23, 2023

We have been together for almost 20 years and “Sheek” has done everything from trail riding to letting the grandkids ride, to a show horse. Four generations of women/girls in my family have ridden him; the latest being my great-granddaughter. As a black purebred Egyptian Arabian, Sheek was a stallion most of his life. He has 17 foals registered with the Arabian Horse Association. He was gelded late in life due to my medical problems. Sheek always had the sweetest gentlest disposition even as a stallion. As an old man now, his cataracts and arthritis are starting to get worse. He is now permanently retired to enjoy the rest of his life here with me and his friends in the pasture. He has been shown both traditional dressage and Western Dressage, but we chose Western Dressage for our Century Club ride.

I am a retired college professor and Marine Corp veteran. I have been riding since I was five years old. After teaching college students for over 30 years, I continue to ride and show dressage and Western Dressage.  I have had Arabian horses all my life but currently, my main dressage mount is a Paint gelding. I have a younger Arabian gelding that I am starting in dressage now that Sheek is retired.