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TDF Announces the 2015 Two-Tempi Challenge

Riders who have horses capable of doing two-tempi changes are invited to participate in a regional and national competition to raise funds for The Dressage Foundation (TDF).

Each rider will work with an individual, dressage club, stable, or any group of dressage friends who are willing to make a pledge to TDF for each successfully completed consecutive two-tempi change. All donations are used to support TDF’s programs, grants, and scholarships.

A Two-Tempi Challenge could be held at a show, during a clinic, or even at your local barn with your friends. It is a fun way to bring your equestrian friends together to support the dressage community.

At the end of each calendar year, TDF will announce National and Regional Two-Tempi Challenge Champions and Reserve Champions, based on the number of completed consecutive two-tempis. There will also be awards for the top two groups that raise the most donations for TDF.