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TDF Announces Expanded Application Guidelines for the Veronica Holt Dressage Technical Delegate Fund

The Veronica Holt Dressage Technical Delegate Fund was established in 2015 in memory of Veronica, who was a dedicated Technical Delegate (TD) and FEI Steward. Thanks to generous donors, TDF is able to award an annual grant to a Dressage Technical Delegate in Veronica’s memory.

TDF has just announced that in addition to accepting applications from TDs to gain promotion from ‘r’ (Recorded) to ‘R’ (Registered), they will now accept applications from individuals who have been accepted into the ‘r’ Program, as well.

Up to $500 is available each year, to be used by the recipient to pay for costs associated with completing apprenticeship requirements at competitions or attending required TD clinics. As the fund balance grows, the amount and number of grants may increase.

The online grant application is available on The Dressage Foundation’s website, with a deadline of July 1st of each year.

For more information about this Fund, visit

Requirements for enrollment for recorded ‘r’ Dressage Technical Delegate:

Requirements for enrollment for registered “R” Dressage Technical Delegate: