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The Dressage Foundation’s Board of Directors Selects Margaret H. Duprey as Recipient of its 2023 Judith Noone Volunteer Award

Each year, The Dressage Foundation (TDF) honors an individual who has been an excellent ambassador for the organization as a volunteer, and who also shows long-time dedication to the advancement of the sport. TDF’s Board of Directors has selected Margaret H. Duprey as recipient of its “Judith Noone Volunteer Award” for 2023.

This award is presented in memory of Judith Noone, who served as a TDF Board member for over 20 years and helped shape the organization into what it is today. Judith also initiated some of the first Junior/ Young Rider programs in the U.S., organized the first CDIs in New England, created the first Regional Championships across the U.S., ran some of the first programs for dressage judges in our country, was a champion for the adult amateur rider, and so much more. The Judith Noone Volunteer Award plaque is permanently displayed in TDF’s office and engraved with recipients’ names. 

The 2023 recipient, Margaret H. Duprey, has been an extraordinary friend of TDF for decades. She currently volunteers as a committee member, has been a donor for 25 years, and has served as a trusted advisor, offering ideas to strengthen TDF and its programming. Most recently, the future of TDF’s Young Rider Dream Program has been secured, thanks to Margaret’s Matching Grant Challenge that raised over $174,000 for the program.

Beth Baumert, TDF’s President & CEO said, "Margaret H. Duprey has been a dear friend of The Dressage Foundation, and especially of the TDF Young Rider Dream Program, for many years. It is primarily because of her support that the trip goes on year after year. Now because of Margaret and those who rose to her recent challenge, TDF is able to plan boldly for the future of the program, not only in Wellington but also at Aachen. We are so grateful!"

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Photo by Annan Hepner