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Dreitzler International Clinician Fund

E.L. Dreitzler

The purpose of the Dreitzler International Clinician Fund is to provide financial support for equestrian organizations, dressage clubs, and owners of private facilities who are hosting educational events with clinicians from countries outside of the United States. 

The Dreitzler Family’s goal is that the grants will allow clinic organizers to offer exceptional educational opportunities to riders of all ages and levels in the U.S.  Events should cater to riders and auditors, in order to provide a top educational event to all participants.

General Requirements: 

  • Applications are accepted from equestrian organizations, dressage clubs, owners of private facilities, etc. who are hosting educational events with international clinicians.
  • Applications must be received by The Dressage Foundation at least 90 days before the planned event.
  • Grants should only be used to support the educational part of the program and should not be used to purchase food, goodie bags, vests/t-shirts, etc.
  • Grants may not be used for the organizer to make a profit and will only be provided to the break-even point for selected events.  Excess income should be returned to The Dressage Foundation, to be put back into the Fund. 

Grant Amount: 

  • The amount of the grants can vary depending on the need and request of the applicants, but the maximum amount to be awarded will typically be $2,000 per event. 
  • Organizers/groups can receive a grant only one time per calendar year. 

Additional Information:

  • If the grant recipient is unable to hold the program specified in the application, The Dressage Foundation must be notified as soon as possible. Approval for a change in the use of funds is at the discretion of The Dressage Foundation and the grant selection committee.  
  • An independent Selection Committee will review the applications and make selections based on published criteria and guidelines. The committee reserves the right to not award a grant in any given year if they determine that no application has met the criteria. The applications and discussions of the selection committee are confidential, and their decisions are final.
  • For educational events that are selected to receive a grant, 75% of the grant will be sent one month prior to the event, with the final 25% sent after an evaluation form and final budget is received by TDF. 
  • Not all events that apply for funding are guaranteed to receive a grant. 

  The application link is found in the right-hand sidebar (desktop computers) or by scrolling down (mobile).


About the Dreitzler Family:
In 2013, Ralph and Freddie Dreitzler and family initially established the “Heldenberg Training Center Fund in Memory of E.L. Dreitzler” to give grant recipients the opportunity to attend educational events at the Spanish Riding School’s Heldenberg Center.  A decrease in the training opportunities at the Heldenberg Center led the Dreitzlers to change the focus of the Fund.  In 2019, the original Fund was amended to the “Dreitzler International Clinician Fund.”  Ralph shared, “We are happy to change the focus of this Fund to be of assistance in getting high caliber clinicians to come to the USA.”  The family’s hope is that the grants will allow clinic organizers to offer exceptional educational opportunities to riders of all ages and levels in the U.S.