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Team #592 Ann Rubenstein and Jackson Blue McGuire

Team #592: Ann Rubenstein and Jackson Blue McGuire 
From: Auburn, California
Ages: 78 & 22
Combined Age: 100
Test: Western Dressage Introductory Level Test 3
Date: September 25, 2022

On September 25, 2022, Ann Rubenstein and her Rocky Mountain Horse partner, Jackson Blue McGuire (Jake), performed the WDAA 2022 Western Dressage Introductory Level Test 3 at the show in Penn Valley, CA, sponsored by the Northern California Walking Horse Association. Ann is 78 and her horse, Jake, is 22.

Always a horse-crazy girl, Ann grew up in the big city and rode at stables, on family trips, and at camps around Los Angeles. At one horse camp, she rode for a week on back roads from Calabasas to Santa Barbara and then in the Fiesta Parade in period costume. On other family trips, when she was 13, she rode down the Grand Canyon and overnight at Phantom Ranch, then up the Bright Angel Trail the next day. Another time, she and her dad rode a five-day pack trip through the high country around Yosemite. She did the five-day Death Valley Ride with her daughter and the Grand Canyon ride again with her daughters. Ann is the mother of two daughters and has six grandchildren.

Ann is a retired attorney. She has competed in endurance riding and has completed four Tevis 100-mile rides in her 1,000 AERC miles with her Arabian, Schezzan. She has ridden 600 miles of the Trail of Tears with the Chief Joseph Ride, on drill teams, and in three Rose Bowl Parades on her Appaloosa, Sally.

With Jake, she has finished endurance rides, Riverside Sheriffs’ Mounted Posse, Norco Sheriffs’ Mounted Posses, Cowboy Lawyers camping, day rides, Tahoe Forest Patrol, Folsom Lake Mounted Patrol, and gaited drill team performances.

Training for Western dressage on her gaited horse with Nicole Schoppe, Jake and Ann have entered the Century Club of The Dressage Foundation with this performance at the NCWHA show.

Sincerely and with much appreciation for Nicole’s help and my husband Jonathan Zerin’s support for this crazy passion!