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TDF Awards Three Grants to U.S. Dressage Instructors

The Dressage Foundation (TDF) is pleased to announce three recipients of a grant from TDF’s Major Anders Lindgren Instructor Fund. A total of $12,000 has been awarded to U.S. dressage instructors through these grants, which are funded through the Carol Lavell Gifted Memorial Fund. Major Lindgren Grants provides financial support that enables dressage instructors to receive continuing education that will improve their teaching, riding, and training skills. Each recipient will receive a $4,000 grant.

Katie Bogaert (CT, Region 8): Katie began training and teaching about seven years ago and teaches a variety of youth and adult riders of various abilities and levels. Katie trains with Sarah and Lee Tubman. Katie plans to train with the Tubmans in Florida this winter.

Katie said, "I am thrilled, honored, and deeply grateful for being chosen as a recipient of the Major Lindgren Instructor Fund Grant! This incredible opportunity will enable me to train alongside my role models, Sarah Lockman-Tubman and Lee Tubman, furthering my development in the FEI arena. Most importantly, I look forward to sharing the knowledge and skills I acquire with my students, fostering their growth and success. This grant has unlocked access to education that would otherwise be beyond my reach. Continuous quality learning is so important to me, and this opportunity is a dream come true! I extend my heartfelt thanks to the generous donors and TDF for making it all possible!"

Ashley Minea (PA, Region 1): Ashley is a USDF Certified Instructor through Second Level and works with riders of varying ages and levels. Ashley trains with Kasey Perry-Glass and will use the grant funding to train with Kasey in Florida this winter.

Ashley said, “I am truly honored to be selected as a recipient of a Major Lindgren Instructor Fund Grant. Because of this incredible opportunity, I will train with Kasey Perry-Glass, an exceptional trainer and rider, this winter season in Wellington, FL. The vast amount of knowledge I will gain will not only enrich me but also my clients and their horses back home in Pennsylvania. Thank you so much to TDF and all the donors for this unparalleled opportunity and for supporting me in my journey.”

Tanya Rennie (ME, Region 8): Tanya has been a professional instructor since the late 1970s and offers a lesson program and full boarding and training services. She works with students Training Level through Grand Prix. Tanya plans to train with Kathy Connelly in Florida this winter.

Photo by G. Avery Photography

Tanya said, “I am most grateful for this grant. I’m so lucky to have the ride on Cathy Liston’s special boy Faldo, and this grant will help me realize my goal of getting him to Grand Prix. In turn, the education I receive will also help my students as I work with them advance up the levels.”

Since 1996, The Dressage Foundation has offered annual instructor grants in Major Anders Lindgren's name. Major Lindgren was an accomplished dressage rider, having won the 1971 Swedish Dressage Championship and ridden on the Swedish Olympic Team in 1972. He also won the Scandinavian Eventing Championship in 1959. Lindgren's contribution to American dressage was large, as he was solidly committed to the education of U.S. dressage instructors.

Applications for the Lindgren Grants are due September 30th of each year. For more information, please contact Sara Weiss, TDF’s Director of Grants and Programs, at (402) 434-8585 or visit

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