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Lowell Boomer, NE - Founder of The Dressage Foundation and the United States Dressage Federation

Remembered by:

Dorothy Applebee and Susan Krause
Dr. James and Betsy Bobenhouse
Vivien and Stephen Bobo
Suzanne Border
Sally Carmichael and Ronald Diimig
Charles Chapin
Sally S. Chionsini
Dana F. Cole & Co.
Barbara Doherty
Envoy, Inc.
Terry Fairfield
First Nebraska Trust Company
Sherry Guess
Richard and Ann Hudson
Robert Joyce
Kevin and Janet Keller
Vivian and Frederic Kiechel
Dr. Earl K. Larson, Jr.
Marianne and Jurgen Ludwig
Stephanie Noonan Drachkovitch
Sheila O'Connor
Cynthia and Ron Pickel
Felice Rose
Karen Stricklett
Elwood and Carol Thompson
Cary and Peggy Thorp
Sara J. Walters
Karen and Paul Wiesner
Carol Wolf
On his 100th birthday-
Rachael Hamilton
Kathy and Dan Schinstock