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Maryal Barnett (MI)

Maryal Barnett (MI)

Maryal Barnett is a full-time dressage instructor, a dressage judge, and part owner of Nottingham Equestrian Center in East Lansing, Michigan. She teaches at many other stables in Michigan and gives regular clinics in Illinois, Indiana, New York, Missouri and Wisconsin. During her extensive career, she has also been a dressage trainer and competitor.  She has been appointed to train and examine United States Equestrian Federation (USEF) Judges and United States Dressage Federation (USDF) Certified Instructors. Many of Maryal’s students have earned local and national awards, and some have become USEF Judges or USDF Certified Instructors.

Maryal is a retired Fédération Equestre Internationale (FEI) “C” Dressage Judge, and an active US Equestrian “S” Dressage Judge. She is an Instructor and  Examiner for the USEF Judges Training Program, and she is on the USDF “L” Faculty to teach future dressage judges. Maryal has given many Judges’ mini-forums throughout the United States. Attending US Equestrian Judges’ Forums and participating in USDF International Judges’ Forums and FEI Seminars for Dressage Judges has taken her to Europe and Canada as well as all over the United States.

Maryal is a retired USDF Instructor Certification Examiner and Faculty Member. She has attended all of the USDF/Violet M. Hopkins National Dressage Instructors’ Seminars since the inception of the program in 1979. Initially she took part as a participating rider and participating instructor, then as a regional workshop instructor and a member of the teaching staff.  She was a co-instructor and then an instructor at several USDF Regional Workshops. As chairperson of the USDF/Hopkins National Seminar for Dressage Instructors Planning Committee from 1981 to 1989, she had the responsibility for planning the annual seminar held in Union Lake, Michigan.

In 1994, Maryal chaired the USDF University Committee at the request of the USDF Executive Board. This committee coordinates the USDF’s different educational programs and identifies areas where improvement is needed. The USDF recognized Maryal’s dedication by presenting her with a USDF Lifetime Achievement Award in 2014. She was inducted into the Midwest Dressage Association Hall of Fame in 2015.

During her competitive years, Maryal showed her own horses from training level through Grand Prix and earned many USDF awards. She won the Midwest Dressage Association’s “Award of Excellence” through the levels to Grand Prix, and her horses won numerous local and national awards, including the USDF Horse of the Year from training level through USEF I-1.

Maryal has been a member of TDF’s Board of Directors for 30+ years and has served as Vice Chairman and currently Chairman.