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Important Notes - USDF Region 9 Teaching Excellence Award

Please read the Grant information and requirements before proceeding.

Applications for the Region 9 Teaching Excellence Award will only be accepted from instructors who are nominated.  Completed applications and required documentation must be submitted online, directly to The Dressage Foundation and be received by TDF's office on or before August 1st of each year. Emails and hard copies will not be accepted.  We encourage you to review this application and gather all materials prior to starting the online application process. Once you start, your work cannot be saved. 

Helpful tip -- type your answers into a Word document, save, and then copy and paste your answers into this form. The link to download the Word file is available in the right-hand sidebar of this page.

If you have questions or need assistance, please email

The Region 9 Teaching Excellence Award will be presented at the Great American/USDF Region 9 Championship Dressage Show each year.

  • Please download and sign this Signature Page. Attach it to this application at the bottom of this page.

Please check that all required fields are complete before submitting.

Contact Information
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Application Questions

Your Dressage Résumé:  In 1 page or less, discuss your dressage résumé to include:

  • Training/instructing experience
  • Instructor, TD, or judge certifications/licenses
  • Attendance at recent clinics, seminars, symposia or other educational events
  •  Awards received
In 1 page or less, include any horse or non-horse related background, other than listed in your résumé above, that you feel is pertinent to your dressage career
In 1 page or less, tell us about your service to the dressage community at a local, regional, and/or national level. Examples include serving on a GMO Board or committee, volunteering at competitions and events, hosting open clinics, presenting free demonstrations, etc.
In 2 pages or less, summarize your principles or how you approach dressage training of a horse(s). Outline how you approach the diversity of horses. Explain your approach when you feel you have reached your limits with a horse. Tell us of horses that have influenced your training, and why.
In 2 pages or less, summarize your principles or how you approach dressage teaching. Outline such things as how you approach the diversity of your students. Describe the most successful teaching experience you have had, as well as the least successful. Tell us of your teaching mentors, who influenced you most and why.
If you receive the $5,000 award, how would you use it? How would the award change your career? How could you give back?
Competition Scores

Provide YouTube links to videos of you teaching 3-4 lessons, from the most basic level to the highest level at which you teach. Approximately 20 minutes per lesson, with a maximum of 30 minutes per lesson.

Please upload your detailed budget in PDF, Excel or Word format.
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Reference Letters

Provide the following reference letters:

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Reference Letter #2
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Reference Letter #1
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Reference Letter #2
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Signature Page
Sign and date the signature page, found at the top of the application.
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After you click submit, a notification page will show confirming your application has been received. You will be notified via email that the application has been received within 2 business days. If you do not receive confirmation that your application has been received, please call our office at (402) 434-8585.