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The Dressage Foundation’s Region 9 Teaching Excellence Award Video Recommendations

The Region 9 Teaching Excellence Award application requires that you submit a YouTube links to videos of you teaching 3-4 lessons, from the most basic level to the highest level at which you teach. The lessons should be approximately 20 minutes each, with a maximum of 30 minutes per lesson.  

In order to make your application and videos the best they can be, we recommend that you take the following into consideration when videoing your lessons: 

  • Noise can be very distracting on a video. Try to minimize the outside noise as much as possible. 
  • Video inside or on a day when it is not too windy 
  • Use a microphone if available 
  • If a microphone is not available, speak loudly and clearly and/or stand near the camera 
  • Shaky videos can be difficult to watch.  Use a tripod or make sure the videographer is holding the camera very still. 
  • Do a trial run.  Have someone video you for a few minutes as you’re preparing for the lesson, then watch it before you video the lesson for your application.  If it is difficult to hear you speaking, try something different. 
  • The Selection Committee strongly suggests that the trainer introduce the rider and horse either in writing or on the video. Include number of lessons they've had together, years working together, etc. 

Remember that safety is a top priority!  The committee doesn’t necessarily need to see safety checks on your video, but they do want to see that exemplary safety protocol is a matter of routine.  This includes: 

  • Lunging safety 
  • Use of equipment 
  • Riding attire 
  • Horse handling 
  • Suitability of mount for student 
  • Attention to environment 

Please contact The Dressage Foundation at (402) 434-8585 or if you have any questions.