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Grants for Educational Events

Thanks to the many generous donors throughout the years, TDF is able to support a variety of educational opportunities for riders, instructors, and judges of different levels and in areas throughout the country.

Grants are available year-round for USDF Group Member Organizations (GMOs), non-profits, and other equestrian organizations to host events. Applications for these grants are due to TDF at least 75 days prior to the event.

  • Grants are awarded to promote participation in, and improve the quality of Musical Freestyle at all levels of dressage. Grants are available up to $750 and are also available for the purchase of sound systems. Any non-profit equestrian group may apply for a grant from this Fund.

  • Provides financial support for equestrian organizations, dressage clubs, and owners of private facilities who are hosting educational events with clinicians from countries outside of the United States. Grants are typically no more than $2,000.

  • Provides financial support to GMOs that are hosting USDF's "Continuing Education for Judges and USDF 'L' Program Graduates" events. USDF Administers this program; The Dressage Foundation serves as "banker" for grants of up to $800 per event.

  • Lynn Palm believes that the classical training principles of dressage are applicable and beneficial to all levels of riders, breeds of horses, and riding disciplines. The goal of this Fund is to provide funding of up to $2,000 for equestrian groups to host affordable, high-quality Western Dressage educational events (clinics, camps, symposia, etc.).

  • Grants of up to $1,000 are available for equestrian organizations, dressage clubs, owners of private facilities, etc. who are hosting educational events for dressage instructors.

  • The purpose of The Michael Poulin Dressage Fund is to provide financial support to organizations to host unique, innovative, collaborative events or programs that work toward advancing dressage through any of its component disciplines including riding, competing, training, instructing, or judging. 

  • The goal of the ODS Linda S. Acheson Fund is to provide grants to ODS, ODS Chapters, and ODS Committees that are organizing educational events which will benefit the Oregon dressage community and help further the mission of the Oregon Dressage Society. The amount to be awarded will typically range from $250 - $1,000.

  • Provides grants up to $1,000 to non-profit equestrian groups hosting a Centered Riding® Clinic. This Fund was created with donations from Sally's friends and supporters.

  • The objective of the Violet Hopkins Fund is to provide financial assistance to USDF GMOs to conduct educational events for dressage riders at all levels. The maximum amount to be awarded will be $2,000 per application.