• This is for education of all who instruct or train. Founded by Maryal Barnett, the program offers five annual grants of $1,000 each to USDF GMOs for Instructor education AND five annual grants of up to $1,500 to individuals in pursuit of Instructor Certification. GMO grants will be issued on a "first-come-first-served" basis each year; individual grant applications will be due no later than February 1st and July 1st each year. As the Fund grows, additional grants may become available to more groups, organizations and individuals.

  • Administered and funded by The Dressage Foundation. Grants are awarded to “promote participation in, and improve the quality of Musical Freestyle at all levels of Dressage.” Any non-profit equestrian group may apply for a grant from this Fund.

  • Provides financial support to the USDF "Continuing Education for Judges and USDF 'L' Program Graduates." USDF Administers this program; The Dressage Foundation serves as "banker" for grants of up to $800 annually per USDF Region. Participants have evaluated the program with very high marks.

  • Established at The Dressage Foundation by friends and supporters of Olympian Michael Poulin, the purpose of this Fund is to provide funding support for programs and projects that enhance the quality of Dressage in the United States, through any and all of its component disciplines - riding, competing, training, instructing, and judging. Grant applications should contain bold, creative, innovative ideas for the improvement and strengthening of Dressage.

  • The goal of the ODS Linda S. Acheson Fund is to provide grants to ODS, ODS Chapters, and ODS Committees that are organizing educational events which will benefit the Oregon dressage community and help further the mission of the Oregon Dressage Society.

  • Provides grants up to $1,000 to non-profit equestrian groups hosting a Centered Riding® Clinic. This Fund was created with donations to The Dressage Foundation from Sally's friends and supporters.

  • Provides financial assistance to USDF GMOs, to conduct educational clinics and seminars for Dressage Riders at all levels. The Dressage Foundation administers and funds this program, making it possible for twenty to thirty GMO clinics each year, at an approximate total cost of $35,000 annually.