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Team #688 Cindy Kavan-Winfield and Cinco

Team #688: Cindy Kavan-Winfield and Cinco
From: Los Lunas, New Mexico
Ages: 72 & 28
Combined Age: 100
Test: Training Level Test 2
Date: August 20, 2023

On April 16, 1995, (Easter Sunday), my beloved mare, Sombra, gave birth to Cinco. Sombra was half Quarter Horse, half Arabian, and the best horse anyone could ever own! We had spent our time together exploring the mountains, entering endurance races, jumping logs in the bosque, and learning dressage. She’d been bred to Rancho La Querencia’s Holsteiner stallion, Columbus, at age 20. This was her first and only foal and she allowed me to be present for the birth.  

Cinco was quite the little rascal with a big personality from the very beginning. He was (and still is) one of those “in your pocket” type horses. He always made sure everyone stayed safe but loved to make you laugh with his shenanigans. He turned into the horse of my dreams. 

His first career was dressage, becoming First Level champion in our local dressage club.  After many years, his hocks started bothering him and we turned to trail work. We did some trail/obstacle competitions, which he excelled at. He later gave my friend her first dressage lessons and helped another friend with her trepidation at cantering. 

Cinco has been retired for the past few years. He has Cushing's and arthritis. But with Adequan, chiropractic, and gentle consistent riding the past six months, he performed a pretty great Training Level Test Two at the New Mexico Dressage Association August Schooling Show. I was amazed at how much he remembered about showing. What a pro he is at it! I never had to worry about going off course. He memorizes the tests for me. He seems so happy to have his old job back.

Huge thanks to The Dressage Foundation for this wonderful club! Thank you to the New Mexico Dressage Association for making this such a special day!