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Team #665 Jane Doctor Paul and Unhao Interagro

Team #665: Jane Doctor Paul and Unhao Interagro
From: Lake Balboa, California
Ages: 77 & 23
Combined Age: 100
Test: Prix St. Georges
Date: July 4, 2023

Jane Doctor Paul could never have imagined becoming a member of the Century Club. Raised in the suburbs of New York City, the very overprotected child was not allowed to have anything to do with horses because of her allergic condition. There was, however, an irrepressible love of them and it wasn’t until almost 40 that horses would become a reality.

Moving to Los Angeles and pursuing a career as a fashion stylist in the film industry, Jane found herself shooting a commercial at the newly built Los Angeles Equestrian Center. During lunch, she snuck over to the riding school and inquired about taking lessons.  And so it began…first lessons, finding an off-the-track Thoroughbred, and horse ownership training with Jaye Cherry. This occurred around the 1984 Olympics in Los Angeles and dressage was still a very esoteric sport.

Jane became hooked on this challenging and difficult discipline. A Warmblood was next but sadly had a bad colic and it was off to horse shopping again.

An opportunity presented itself to lease a trained Grand Prix Dutch Warmblood named Wilfred who was owned by Kathleen George. When Kathy relocated to Texas, Jane was able to have Wilfred as her own. German Schneider took over as the trainer at the facility where Jane and Fred boarded and with his help and guidance, they achieved their USDF silver medal. They almost made it to gold, with one score short before it was obvious Fred was not up to the task and greener pastures were ahead. He lived to the ripe old age of 28 and was the most stoic, hard-working, and serious horse she had ever owned.

Finding herself horse shopping again and being a bit older (plus with her back a lot achier), she’d heard that Iberian horses might be more age-appropriate. She found Unhao Interagro, aka Atticus (also known as “Who’s the best boy, Kisses!”). He’d just turned five.

Holmberg/Wadeborn Dressage at Middle Ranch has been their home for the past 17 years. Lars Holmberg and Ulf Wadeborn were committed to fancy Swedish Warmbloods when Jane and Atticus arrived. With their help, Atticus has shown Intermediate 1 and helped their working student earn her USDF silver medal. Unlike Fred, Atticus is a bit silly with an endearing personality and seems to relish the various hats that he has worn at the many HW Dressage quadrilles over the years.

Jane is incredibly grateful every single day to have the gift of horses in her life.