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Team #646 Judy Ludwig and Diamond

Photo by Friends of Bucks County Horse Park

Team #646: Judy Ludwig and Diamond
From: Sellersville, Pennsylvania
Ages: 79 & 23
Combined Age: 102
Test: Introductory Level Test A
Date: May 23, 2023

In the late 40s and early 50s, all my dimes and nickels went into my bank to save up for when the carnival came to my local neighborhood. For 25 cents, I could take two times around a 10-meter circle on a pony ride. I was their best customer. I was a town kid, and although we were not poor people, the cost of owning my own horse was not in the budget.

Then it was school, marriage, babies, and life just took over. I still dreamed of having my own horse. When I was 44, my husband said, “If you still want a horse, go out and get one.”

My first horse was an Appaloosa. His name was Tucker and I loved him beyond words. We did trail rides, and western horse shows, and enjoyed each other’s company. Then came Dazzle, a gorgeous dapple-gray Quarter Horse who knew all the right moves for showing Western Pleasure. We competed for 15 years and had a ball. Along came Diamond and the knowledge of dressage. Wow, did we ever love that discipline? Diamond is a Haflinger mare and is quite beautiful. She took first place in the Breed Show at Devon. 

To this day, we are still taking lessons. Dressage is something that makes you want to keep learning and perfecting. Just feeling the movement of the horse beneath you and knowing the action is finally what you have been striving to achieve. Diamond and I spend many hours together working and practicing our moves. She is my best friend. 

My love for horses has influenced my life in many ways. We have a gang of girls that ride together, and they are my soul mates. We ride, vacation, dine, and hang out together. Once a year, we go to either Portugal or Spain to lesson and tour, we call it our girl's time out. Awesome times.

Photo by Friends of Bucks County Horse Park