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Team #703 Renie Freedman and Good Lookin'

Team #703: Renie Freedman and Good Lookin'
From: Oak Hill, Virginia
Ages: 73 & 27
Combined Age: 100
Test: Introductory Level Test B
Date: May 27, 2023

From Renie’s daughter, Erin:

My mom completed her Century Club ride on May 27, 2023, with her partner Good Lookin’ (aka Teddy). The ride took place the day my mom turned 73. This was also my mom’s first time ever down the centerline and they scored 70 percent!

After years of my mom and dad being my biggest fans and supporters, it was exciting to see my mom get to be the one in the irons. We bought Teddy in 1997 with the money I received for my Bat Mitzvah when I was 13. Together we did Pony Club through the B level and evented through Prelim until we decided he would flourish in the dressage ring. Together we did Young Riders and the small tour, and he helped me earn my USDF silver medal. He went on to do the same for Mary Callan and Young Riders with Claire Hodges. He also helped Claire receive her silver medal under the tutelage of Jaralyn Gibson. 

Claire and Jaralyn called me when Teddy was ready to step down from the FEI level at the age of 24. We were able to retire Teddy with us and for my mom’s 70th birthday, he became her dressage horse. You would have no idea he is 27 and you would have no idea my mom is 73! They suit each other perfectly and it is special to see them both enjoying each other so much. I was very proud of my mom and "Professor" Teddy for nailing their first time down the centerline for their Century Club ride!