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Honored by:  Teree Castanias

My Favorite Horse – Hartman – 1989 – 2019
Hartman was a Hanoverian gelding I bought when he was 12. He had been imported to the U.S. at 10 by a woman who had planned to resell him right away. He stole her heart for a couple of years until she realized she had to sell him before he got too old. A German friend of mine saw him and said “you must buy him, Teree, he is the perfect horse for you!” No truer words were ever spoken!

Hartman was showing PSG when I bought him, and I had my bronze and silver medals and had hopes of finding the right partner to get my gold medal too. Hartman proved to be the perfect partner. We started at 3rd Level and worked our way up with the help of good trainers, including John Lassetter and Sandy Savage. In 2009 we succeeded in getting the last of the needed scores for the gold medal.

I retired Hartman from competition in 2012 as he was really tired of it, but I never stopped riding him almost every day. Of course as time went on the sessions were shorter and less strenuous, but he would always give me a passage or piaffe when I asked. Those things were always easy for him! He had a very happy 30th birthday in March, and very sadly but quietly passed in May. I was incredibly blessed to have had this wonderful partner for so many years. I will always miss him! It is fitting that The Dressage Foundation is having its 30th anniversary this year and began its life when Hartman began his. Thank you!