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Mercedes Colortyme (AKA Raina)

Honored by Niki Sackman


Raina is an 18-year-old American Paint Horse that I have owned since 2008. She is the best horse I have ever owned and to think when I purchased her I was thinking to myself, "What have I done? I bought a mare that I couldn't get to canter when I test rode her, and one that is only 14.3 hands." My daughter, who was 8 at the time, begged me to not buy another scary Thoroughbred and wanted something she could ride too.

I've always owned geldings and ones that were over 16.3 hands tall and mostly hot Thoroughbreds. Raina's heart and temperament are the best. She gives me all she has, never complains, and always tries as hard as she can. I trust her 100% and we have such a wonderful partnership. I have achieved so much with her and only want for her to have the best life possible. I love her so much!

Not only has she been fantastic in the show ring (we have competed in both classical and Western dressage through 4th level) but I enjoy trail riding with her, and I can trust her to put a rider on her back that has never ridden before and she takes care of them and knows her job. I can do anything with her and she just has the best attitude. I also LOVE that she doesn't spook at anything and has a totally don't care attitude about her surroundings. After years of owning reactive Thoroughbreds it is nice to be able to relax in the saddle every ride, every stride, and in every situation in the saddle or on the ground!

She is just worth her weight in gold and I am so very fortunate that we found each other.