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In Honor of Living Dressage Friends

In Honor Of:
Laureen Alcock In honor of her achievement as Century Club Team #525 Kelly Alcock
Katy Barglow In honor of Katy earning her "r" judging license United States Pony Club Middle California Region
Maryal Barnett
Ann Belth, Linda Taylor
Maryal Barnett and Hilary Clayton
Jane Manfredi
Beth Baumert In honor of Beth, for all she does for The Dressage Foundation! Martha Carter, Maryal Barnett
Beth and Al Baumert In honor of Beth and Al's 50th Anniversary Nancy Hutson
Beth Baumert and Annie Morris Special thanks to Beth and Annie who took such special care of Telurico, and who always exhibit impeccable horsemanship every single day. Pierre Pirard
Jennifer Baumert In honor of her Team Silver and Individual Bronze at the 2019 Pan American Games Lisa Alexander
Gardy Bloemers In honor of Gardy Bloemers for her generous contributions supporting the world of dressage. Anne Chapin
Miki Christopherson In honor of Miki, who stepped in to judge a schooling show and wouldn't accept a fee. High Point Farm
Michell Combs
Barbara Dieckmann
Claire Darnell In honor of Claire Darnell, our talented trainer. Michael and Meaghan Newhouse
Judy Finkel In honor of her 75th birthday, and her beloved equine friend, Andre Linda Burton, Michele Seitzinger, Susan Conda, Joy Potthoff, Mary Bolovan
Jane Fucinaro In honor of her birthday Nick Gollin, Kathy Lewis, Maggie Anderson, Miles Tommeraasen, Carol Staton, Lynn Ward, Taylor Williams, Ruth Schindler, Louise McCall, Martha Elmore, Stephanie Silver, Laura Wellman, Randy and Nikki Gollin
Dr. Robert Gaebel In honor of his achievement as Century Club Team #217 Susan Gaebel
Hannah Holland Shook
Terry Shook & Mitzi Presnell
June Hooks In honor of June's Century Club ride in 2013 Carol Wertz
Sue Hughes and Dr. Jorge Gomez In honor of the Century Club rides of two of my friends. Maryal Barnett
Carol Lavell
Sophie Pirie
Gail McIntyre In honor of her Century Ride with Sailor Jane Nutter
Karin Offield and Brek-n-Ridge Farm
Jill and John Failey
Sue Peterson
Bonnie Lemcke
Colleen J. Reid In honor of Colleen and the Equine Sports Complex in Sacramento, California Jessica Harvey
Eliza Sydnor Romm
Emme Johnston
Catherine Haddad Staller In honor of her birthday on March 26th. Kimberly Butenhoff
Elizabeth Teselle (TN) and Peregrine Elizabeth, a Gift Fund Recipient, trained with her partner Peregrine, in 2006. Lisa Peterson Kelley
Mike Thome
Pam Morrison/Midwest Dressage Association
George and Roberta Williams Thank you for all you do for the sport of dressage. Gardy Bloemers, Francis Williams
Barbara Wolfe In honor of Barbara's achievement award in receiving a Gold Medal at Grand Prix Michelle Rosenthal